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The auditing of companies with 1 to 500 employees is our core competence. A revision guarantees certainty and clarity. In addition to limited and ordinary audits, Lufida-Revision also audits incorporations, liquidations, mergers and other transactions.

Our core competencies in auditing at a glance:

  • Limited audits
  • Ordinary audits
  • Audit of Swiss GAAP FER financial statements
  • Audit of IFRS reporting
  • Audit of associations, foundations (Swiss GAAP FER 21, ZEWO)
  • Audit of municipalities and other public administrations
  • Audit of BVG facilities
  • Auditing of company formations, mergers, capital reductions/increases, liquidations
  • Expert opinions in legal disputes
  • Court opinions
  • Investigations into fraudulent activities
  • Examination of wage equality analyses
  • Verification of compliance with the credit provisions of the COVID 19 Solidarity Guarantee Ordinance

Kilian Spörri
Managing Director

Phone 041 319 93 27

Hansueli Nick
Mandate Manager

Phone 041 319 93 26

COVID-19-Kredit: Darauf müssen Sie Achten!

Unternehmen, welche im Besitz eines COVID-19-Kredit sind, unterstehen dem COVID-19 Solidarbürgschaftsgesetz.